Ruffwear Logo

Ruffwear harnesses are very well made and if you go for their webmaster harness then it is perfect for dogs that are an escape risk. It adjusts in 5 places and with an extra strap further back on the body provides maximum security.

Perfect fit harnesses are very padded and comfy. They come in sections which means no matter what shape your dog is even if they have a very large chest etc. you will able to piece together a harness to fit.

Herbal Products

Dorwest Logo

Dorwest make a variety of herbal products to help your dog and cat stay healthy and happy. These include calming aids, joint supplements, digestive support and many more.



JR Pet Proucts provide provide 100% Natural Treats for pets.  We use the for as rewards in our behavioural and training classes.  The pate products can also be used as complete pure meat food but cut up into cubes they make a delightful and healthy treat.


Nina Ottosson logo

Here at PUP we cannot get enough of enrichments games and activities. The nina ottosson range is fantastic but there are also tonnes of other brands that can be found with a quick online search. You can never own too many games and puzzles.

Kong logo

As mentioned above enrichment plays a massive part in what we do with dogs. The kong products are fantastic. From crate training little puppies, to allowing you 5 minutes of quiet, giving your dog an activity when something is going on, or even frozen to cool them down in summer. We have tonnes of them and there are sooooo many ways you can fill them to make them super yummy and exciting.