Our Services

Behavioural cases

We run a tailor made case by case behaviour plan. Beginning with a free phone or email discussion and then a consultation to meet your dog/s. .

Day to Day Training

This involves helping you to teach your dog commands such as sit, down, recall, enrichment activities and games etc.

Puppy Consultations

All the ins and outs of being a new puppy owner from toilet training, puppy biting, puppy proofing your home, good diet, jumping up, chewing and everything else you need to know with a new pup.

Growing your family

Helping you to choose the right dog to join your family be that a rescue dog or a puppy. Matching your lifestyle with breed, personality, energy levels and existing pets.

Pet Sitting

We offer a bespoke pet sitting service. This is carried out in the pets own home.

Day care - for if you are out for a few hours or all day.

Overnight/multi day sitting - if you are going away

Out and about – Taking your dog out on an adventure to break up the day if for example you are working from home and need them out for a while as perhaps you have a business call.

professional pet sitting software

Dog walking

We offer a very bespoke occasional dog walking service especially for dogs who may be turned down by other walkers and need to be kept on their own or have very specific walking needs.

All of our services are tailor made to your requirements so please contact us to see if we can help you and for a no obligation quote.